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Forest gump and leutenant dan


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Last night i had my 3rd of 5 ch.  I was crying when i started laughing.  Remember fg the scene where l dan was

:Priding on the sails taunting god "is that all you have!" i started quoting this and it brought humor into the room.  I wish i could get a new head like l dan got new legs.  Love all_

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Good on ya lp3!! Life is funny...ya just gotta find it. Once in a while I used to look in the mirror in the middle of a bad hit....hair everywhere, snot, drool, droopy face, tears...a makeup artist could NOT have done better...unrecognizably funny. That's when I learned you CAN laugh and cry at the same time!

I love that movie...my fav line is Lt Dan telling Bubba..."son, you better tuck that lip in!"



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