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Hello again. I am back. time to go to battle again. This time I no longer have insurance. out of o2. APRIA will not give me anymore o2. They say I owe them too much money/ One shot of trexie left and vitimin m no where to be found. looks like this cycle is gonna be one for the books. just me and the beast, one on one. my nero charges 400 per visit so no script for trexie. couldnt afford it anyway. I am asking for prayers now.its gonna be one hell of a battle. its been 22 years with this now and i think i've had enough.  I'm tired. thank you all for your support over the years. I love you all. PFDAN

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Tired is understandable but don’t give up. Try the D3 regime that Batch posts about. Any questions and he’s happy to answer. Also you can go the welding O2 option. My insurance just changed and they want $1600 a month for my trex injections so I’m left with what I stockpiled over a 2 month remission (I’m chronic CH).  Have you considered growing your own mushrooms. The LSA seed option doesn’t have the grow time and could work also. You have options stay positive. 

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