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Really considering busting.


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A little history, I have had a really successful run beating my clusters with Verapamil, but lately my breakthrough cycles are becoming more frequent and closer in duration and intensity to my normal cycles

A few months ago I had a very bad breakthrough and it scared me, I started thinking I better start thinking of the next treatment if/when the Verapamil fails.  I had known about busting and was interested.  I really wanted to start w/ shrooms but know absolutely no one who has access and I don't feel like traipsing through some strangers field in the middle of the night.

I came to this site, read a bunch, including the faq, found some other informative sites and now long story short, I have ample access.  Here's my thing, I actually have experience tripping, quite a lot actually, all done recreationally in my teens, I'm mid thirties now and I absolutely grew out of tripping at about 18.

I haven't had any trex in weeks, I take Verapamil still but I've read that may not be an issue.  So, about a week or so ago I was in a kind of breakthrough cycle and I had some time to kill so I thought why not and more or less recreationally dosed about 10 grams wet (just raw shrooms no tea or anything), which I know from my recent experiences is about a gram dry.

I had a much stronger trip then I expected with waves of nausea and mud gut (never used to have a problem with this and I've always eaten shrooms raw) , I enjoyed it as much as the day I decided to never trip again at age 18.  Then the next day I had a screaming bitch of a cluster.

I realize I have by no means have I given it a fair scientific try yet but it worries me.  I've read you guys typically dose 1.5-2 grams dry and have "minor" effects, have I become that much of a lightweight?  Was the cluster the next day normal?  I'm going to keep reading and researching but any help would be appreciated.

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I've read you guys typically dose 1.5-2 grams dry and have "minor" effects, have I become that much of a lightweight?Was the cluster the next day normal? 

Hi frozen1, and welcome!

To answer your question, "post dose hits"  are unfortunately the norm for most.  They can be strong.  The good news is that they are usually followed by a few days of pain free time.  Hopefully, that will be what you will experience.


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Hello Frozen1 and Welcome!

I'm not very familiar with the dry weights vs fresh, but I am super familiar with verapamil, breakthrough hits on verapamil, weaning off of verapamil, getting absolutely slammed for trying to do so and then getting right back up to 720 mg per day of verapamil.  I would even tack on another 120 mg (er) at bedtime many nights out of fear because these hits seemed to me to be the most nightmarish hits I had ever encountered in my 33 years CH history.

I'm just curious....how long have you been taking verapamil and what's your dosage? 

And do you use 02?

I know most of your questions are about the effects of the mushrooms, dry weight vs fresh and my favorite......

have I become that much of a lightweight?

because of course, being a CH sufferer means in NO WAY are you a lightweight!  Your dose produced activity.  Activity is a good sign and like Bob said this is fairly normal.

If I were able to do my "weaning" from verapamil over (recta-vision is 20/20!)  I believe I would've had an extra year of my life (w/o the yo-yo syndrome) and pain free!

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Yeah so, I've been on verap now for just shy of 5 years.  480 mg per day has been pretty effective, I've been as high as 720 mg during bad cycles. 

I'm an o2 junkie, 15-25lpm non-rebreather about to add a demand valve.  LOVE IT works great, well most of the time.

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