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Boston Area Oxygen Supplier?


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Hi folks:

Person here with episodic clusters. Moved to Boston about a year and a half ago and my previous oxygen supplier was a lot easier to deal with and get tanks swapped quickly during a cluster burst. Having a bit of a harder time here in Boston finding a reliable oxygen supply company.


Anyone have any suggestions in the Boston Area? Closer to the city would be great in case they cant deliver, I can always stop by and pick up some tanks. 



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Hi ZS!

Not aware of any regulars here from the Boston area but I have several Facebook clusterhead friends that reside in and around that area and we also have a member here who is a neurologist/headache specialist and professor in Boston!  Let me give a shout out to those folks and see if they can help!

Dallas Denny 

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These are the recommendations so far ZS

Enos Home Oxygen in New Bedford

Reliable Respiratory....they're in Norwood, MA but deliver over a wide area and they were highly reccomended

I haven't heard back from bostonheadachedoc as yet and I'm sure I'll have some more responses to relay to you tomorrow 


Edited to add: ...if you're on Facebook, search [ Clusterheads; Northeastern U S and Eastern Canada ].....a longtime clusterhead friend is one of the group admins so shoot me a PM with your name so I can tell Lee to be watching for your "join group" request.....they have a couple meet n greets each year....nothing like getting together for some cluster bud love with a bunch of other folks just like you who "get it"!!

 Likewise, if you haven't secured a good local doc since moving to Boston, I can definitely hook you up with doc Brian (bostonheadachedoc)!


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Thanks Dallas, I'll look up Reliable Respiratory as they arent too far from me. 

I'm not on facebook otherwise I would take a look at the group. 

Saw the recommendation elsewhere on this site for Dr. McGeeney, my PCP has been writing my oxygen rx but having a specialist would be a good idea. 

Thanks again,



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