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I can't make this one go away

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It is the left side of my head. It really affects my eye and forehead, plus it makes my trigeminal neuralgia also on the left way worse, in my jaw. I already did o2 10L for 15 minutes followed by injectible sumitriptan then a nap. Woke up it hurts so bad all I can think about is the er but I have been there four times since October and before getting my new neurologist. I sit here typing with my left eye closed, this hurts so bad I don't know what to do.

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You're likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency is contributing to the frequency, severity and duration of your CH.  I would pick up the following tomorrow along with some Benadryl (Diphenhydramine HCL)


80% of the CHers who start this regimen at the doses illustrated above, experience an 80% reduction in the frequency of their CH in the first 30 days. 50% who start this regimen experience a complete cessation of CH symptoms in the first 30 days.  The majority of CHers start responding to this regimen within the first 10 days.

You can find more about this regimen at the following link.  Be sure to discuss this treatment protocol with your PCP or neurologist.


Be sure to drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day.  The majority of CHers taking heavy hits are dehydrated.  Oxygen therapy works most effectively if you hyperventilate with room air for 30 seconds then inhale a lungful of 100% oxygen and hold it for 30 seconds...  Most CHers using this procedure will experience a complete CH abort to a pain free state with seven of the above sequences... a.k.a. 7 minutes.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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Welcome Elrik. Most find 10lpm to be too low. The recommendation is 15lpm and many of us need 25lpm at the start. I tried 10lpm at my PCP's office a long time ago. Neither of us knowing any particular method, I just breathed it rather fast. You need technique to get it aborted quickly. And you need to stay on itfor 5-10 minutes after your pain is gone completely. Cheat and you likely will get hit again right quick. How are you breathing it?

Napping is a big no-no for most. A nap will bring on a hit it seems. As you wake with one. If you are exhausted, you sleep too long and wake with a bruiser. It sucks when you are so tired. Keeping to a consistent sleep schedule is a really good idea. 

What do you take as a preventative? Triptans are for aborting. You need something to prevent if possible. The most commonly used drug is Verapamil.  Often in pretty high doses. Did your neuro put you on a preventative? 

Any caffeine taken at the first sign of a hit will help. Many like Energy drinks or shots as they feel the taurine in them is a help. Some use strong coffee because that is what is available to them. Do not wait till it is screaming to drink your caffeine! 

If all the neuro gave you is O2 at too low of a flow and triptans, you might need a new one. You need a preventative in addition to an abortive.


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