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Question about Vit D Regimen

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Hello friends,

This is the first time I've loaded Vit D levels which was initially 11ng/mL. I also finally realized why I had so much body aches which immediately vanished in just a few days. I just wanted to ask 2 questions:

1 - While on this regimen, Do patients still get visual/other symptoms of cluster headaches but only without the pain? I have episodic cycles and around this time of the year, I am now on maintenance dose and for the past 2 days I have a red eye and the nasal area bubbling like it used to when I'd suffer an attack, yet with no pain. So is that expected with this regimen?

2 - Does this regimen also help eliminate all other types of headaches? I don't have migraines but this severe pulsating headache on both sides in the back of my head that happen from changes in sleep pattern, hypoglycemia, etc. So are they eliminated too? Just want to make sure the regimen is working.

Thank you

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Hey Atikhan,

It's not uncommon for a few CHers to experience phantom CH where there's no pain but some of the other symptoms.  Experiencing some CH symptoms with no CH pain tends to indicate your cellular concentrations of vitamin D3 and 25(OH)D are being metabolized to enough 1,25(OH)2D3 to stop the pain, but not enough to stop the other CH symptoms.  CHers experiencing this phenomenon have found a few more days of 50,000 IU vitamin D3 loading doses and/or a higher vitamin D3 maintenance dose works to prevent all CH symptoms.  As always, keep your PCP and or neurologist in the loop and be sure to take all the vitamin D3 cofactors and drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day.

Hope this answers your questions.

Take care, have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

V/R, Batch

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Thank you Batch, for personally responding,

Commenting back on my original post, coincidently it was a viral infection in one eye combined with flu that caused the stuffy nose.

But I'm now confirmed into my cycle and I'm in serious pain. I never checked my vitD levels before, assuming I had loaded the right schedule based on the formula that targetted 80ng/ml, but suffering for the past few days, and assuming my levels may be low, I continued loading and gave my sample for tests but my samples were twice misplaced (bad luck there), until today that I got my results and they are just as I expected, based on the loading-schedule I have been following.

Below are the latest results while I suffered a serious attack this morning. For which I ran to emergency to abort it with oxygen. The days before, oxygen didn't help and I was given a shot of Tramadol that made me retch my guts out, and I'm still feeling dizzy 2 days later.

VitD = 110.4 ng/ml
PTH = 34.5 pg/ml
Calc = 9.2 mg/dl

I live in Pakistan and I had trouble gathering all the exact specifics of the regimen but I still managed to get much of the regimen except for Vit K2, which is not available. Otherwise, I keep a healthy diet irrespectively, daily take greens, vegetables and fruits like pomegranates apples and oranges, dates with dry fruits (walnuts). I'm wondering whether my missing on a small percentage of something in the regimen may be causing the attacks to still occur despite such high vitD levels?

Also pointing back to a point in my original post, I believe my vitD levels may have been above 80 while I still suffered from common headaches like 'tension headache', throbbing in the back of my neck.

I got a very good job offer a few days back but I haven't been able to celebrate. Please help...

Here are particulars of the regimen I am taking,

vitD 10,000 - 15,000 iUs per day. (5000 capsules)
multivitamin - once or sometimes twice per day, depending on my diet for that day
Fish oil - two capsules per day
Magnesium - once at night before bed
Cannot source vitK2 here, only K1 (could this be the deficiency compromising the regimen?)


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Hey Alikhan,

Thank you for the update, lab results and list of supplements.  They look great.

That you haven't responded with your 25(OH)D up at 110 ng/mL (well into the green zone for CHers) tells me we are missing something...  Are you taking any other Rx medications?  If so, what are they.

There are a number of other supplements you can take that have helped CHers improve their response to the anti-inflammatory regimen with a 25(OH)D serum concentration in the green zone.  They include:

A first-generation antibiotic like Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) 25 mg every four hours for a week to 10 days.  This helps if you've an allergic reaction cooking away.  These can be subclinical, i.e., no obvious or outward symptoms, but the allergic reaction is still there pumping out histamine... a CH trigger.  Second-and third-generation "non-drowsy" antihistamines are not as effective as they can't pass through the blood brain barrier to block histamine H1 receptors.  Accordingly, see your local chemist for available first-generation antihistamines then take as directed.

1000 mg/day Turmeric (Curcumin) - I would think there's plenty of this in traditional Pakistani meals.

Additional vitamin B2 (riboflavin) up to 400 mg/day total.

4 grams/day Liposomal Vitamin C (1000 mg every 2 hours with water.)

300 to 900 mg/day CoQ10.  Very important if taking statins.

500 mg/day Quercetin - This supplement helps activate the vitamin D3 receptors (VDR) on DNA strands to enable more effective genetic expression made possible by vitamin D3.

Probiotic - This helps build friendly colonies of bacteria in the GI tract called the microbiome

Diet and water - The Atkins or ketogenic diets are a good choice.  Zero sugar, zero wheat products and very limited carbs.  Avoid all grain oils.  Olive oil, butter, avocado oil and my favorite extra virgin coconut oil are all very good for you.  Eat all the free range meat, poultry and wild caught fish you want along with organic veggies and fruits.  Most importantly, drink at least 2.5 liters of water a day.

Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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Thank you for the quick reply Batch,

To the question about Rx Medication, no, I don't take any other medications, only the supplements.

About Riboflavin, I'll see if I can take more of that but I remember researching why my pee color had turned neon yellow with the multi-vitamins, I found that it is because of excess riboflavin? so should I irrespectively load up more riboflavin?

I also try to take a glass of milk with curcumin in it at night before bed, often as well as in meals. Also, it is oranges season so will try to eat more for Vit-C.


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Yeppers... the vitamin B complex and vitamin B2 in particular will turn urine bright yellow for a few hours after taking it.  Curcumin and oranges sound great!  Don't forget the Quercetin...

Take care and please keep us posted

V/R, Batch

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