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Beast left for 4 days....but returned


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Hello everyone,

Just wanted to give everyone an update--

Had the beast pretty consistent for 4 weeks (through the holidays unfortunately), prednisone helped with severity and I also tried a testosterone shot about a week ago. For four days I was pretty much headache free except for occasional shadow pain.....then it just returned a couple days ago. Not terrible pain, but I've had to hop back on my oxygen therapy int he morning.

The last two bouts I had years ago in college and then before that in HS, I don't remember getting a break and having them return. Is it normal for this to happen?


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Hey Oxy-Man,

You're likely vitamin D3 deficient and that deficiency is contributing to the frequency, severity and duration of your CH.  If you think I'm blowing smoke... see your PCP/GP or neurologist and ask for the lab test of your serum 25(OH)D.  This is the first metabolite of vitamin D3 that's used to measure its status.  Take along a copy of the anti-inflammatory regimen CH and MH preventative treatment protocol and discus it with your doctor when you ask for this lab test.  You can download a copy at the following link.


If your lab test results for 25(OH)D come back under the following normal distribution curve for baseline 25(OH)D collected before starting the anti-inflammatory regimen, you might want to give this CH preventative a try.  Data for this plot comes from an online survey of 257 CHers taking this regimen.  This survey has been running continuously since December of 2011.


Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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