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Energy shots vs coffee (and ginger)

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My daughter has been using 5-Hour Energies with good success for aborting (along with O2) for many years.  Sometimes her attacks break through and last a long time (couple of hours), and she often uses more than one 5-Hour Energy.  That many 5-Hour Energies, as many as four or five a day some days, makes her feel pretty crappy.  About a week ago she just couldn't take another 5-Hour, so she went with some coffee she had sitting around. Got a very fast abort with it and O2. Since then, she's been using coffee and consistently aborting pretty quickly (~10 minutes), and her gut feels 100% better.  I suppose it's possible that like other meds, too much of whatever's in energy shots might turn out to be counterproductive.  (Or, as you all know, it could be any number of other things. For example, she was taking hemp oil for the CBD right about until the time she switched to coffee; so maybe the oil/CBD was making things worse instead of better.) 

She doesn't use triptans or any preventive except D3.

She's also been drinking ginger tea every day for about a week.  Maybe that has something to do with it.  

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I have also had that feeling of way to many 5hr drinks in a day and tried to mix in a redbull, frappuccino or other type of cold coffee. This did help with that heartburn feeling going away. I also started to drink the ginger and chew on a little of the raw root and things seem to be going well with that. 

The 5hr shots do work well along with the oxygen and do not keep me up even if I take one at 3am. 

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