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Copying/pasting question

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I like to include links in my posts whenever it's useful. I find that at this site -- unlike any other sites I use -- I have to go through the process twice each time. Go to the link, copy it, go back to my message here, click paste. Nothing happens. Repeat the process and the link appears.  If this is just something I'm experiencing, okay; if it's a fixable system issue, can it be dealt with?

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When I just paste a link into the body of my text, I normally get an error message saying something has gone wrong. Here's the best way to do, quickly, easily and without fault.

  1. Go to the website and copy the link to the clipboard.
  2. Type a few words into the text box regarding the link, such as, 'Click here for more information', or something along those lines. The, highlight that text.
  3. Return to your forum post, and click on the chain link picture in the toolbox at the top of the text window. It is just between the strike through icon and the double quotes icon.
  4. This will open a box with two text fields.
  5. Past the link into the top text field.
  6. The text you have highlighted should appear on the bottom text field, this will be link people need to click on. You could, in theory, past the link into both boxes, but this doesn't look as professional or cool.
  7. Click the Insert button, job done. 

Give this a go, and see if it solves the problem. 


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Yo CHf,

I don't think that's a CB.org issue....been same for me anytime/anywhere I cut and paste for at least a year now. Got so used to it that I stopped thinking about it but it did steer me away from link inserts (as you've seen and helped with). Was an older PC (2013) so I figured some kind of corrupted file or Windows update glitch (nearly EVERY update for me). Then I got a new Thinkpad and same damn thing...making your question intriguing.

Moxie...thank you...I started playing around with clipboard...and while I am so far unable to get it to work as you described (and I'm sure that's on me)…. once I toggled "enable clipboard history" in settings/clipboard,  all of a sudden I can highlight/cut and paste the FIRST time....YEE-HAW! Really want to be able to access clipboard history so I can summon links I've used in the past w/o having to search all over again.



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Thanks, you two.

FWIW, if I just copy the URL and then go to the chain link icon, I can then paste it into both boxes and it's all good.  No clipboard intermediation required.   I know I could also type text into one of the boxes, but I like my links here to be more in your face than that.

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