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So, I work in IT which requires hours of staring a computer screen each day.  Wondering if anyone has any tips or information on any types of glasses that could be used to help.  I notice that by the end of the day, I can't really see and my headaches progressively get more intense.  Sorry if this has already been discussed - new here, so starting from scratch.  Thanks everyone!


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Hi hugeser,

I work in IT as well, spending most of the time behind a computer screen.

The most important is filter out the blue light and make your screen less bright. There are several applications that can do that. I use "CareUEyes" which is very good.  It's shareware and cost something like 3 € for a lifetime license. There are several modes available but you can set it as your liking. 5000 K for blue light and 80 % brightness is a good average that works very well for me.

Just a question... are you suffering from cluster headaches or migraine ? I have both and while this was a very big trigger for migraine attacks, I have not the impression it has any influence for my cluster headaches or shadows. 

Best Regards !



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Hey hugeser, hey Siegfried,

same problem here. I am suffering from CH and I would say that working in front of the screen during the whole day is one of my biggest triggers.

I am using Ubuntu which provides the blue filter as an internal option (I guess this is also applicable in the windows settings).  Optionally, I recommend the free software "redshift".

If you often have dry eyes, you could try to supplement omega-3. I am taking one capsule every morning and evening (total amount 400 mg EPA, 300 mg DHA) which also helps me a lot with the CH!! The vegan algae oil works best for me!!

I also recommend you to do a small break every 30 - 45 minutes. If it is possible, let your eyes wander over green landscapes for 3-5 minutes.

If your eyes are quite red, you also can use eyebright extract for 2 weeks. This will get rid of the inflammation.

Cheers, Milelli


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Thanks everyone!  Much appreciated.  Just made the blue light settings changes to my PC, so we shall see how that goes.  Of course, I have to share my screen a lot during meetings so I will just need to keep switching it back and forth.  

I actually suffer from both migraine and cluster - been the past two years the migraines have come on and just getting worse.  

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