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Welding oxygen regulator


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I was finally forced to get a welding oxygen as my "health  insurance"  wants me to pay $200month for oxygen.

I 've got a 60cf bottle and what surprised me was , that my old oxygen regulator that I have used with medical oxygen fits.

Some people suggest buying a regulator for welding oxygen ( one with 2 gauges) but If you have a regulator for medical oxygen CGA 540 it will also fit your welding oxygen bottle , maybe not all the sizes, but it fits my 60cf. 

I have a 25L-PM  flow medical regulator that I bought from ebay.

If you end up buying a medical oxygen regulator make sure to get 25L as a  standard 15L will not be enough at the beginning of an attack.



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J.C you are right a cga540 threads on 02 tanks fit both medical reg and torch regs.. it's the cga870 post reg that won't work with the larger tanks.. I personally have two torch regs witch I love and work really well. One I keep in my truck and one at home.. I have full adjustment to as mush 02 as I need.

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