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I wonder what this means:

I am in my 6th week of a cycle and have used O2 every day multiple times a day and night. The last 2 days and through the nights all I have had is a fairly constant shadow. Maybe a 3-4 kip. No need to take O2.  But it persists. 

I have had clusters for over 40 years and never have I experienced this shadow thing  

Has anyone experienced this?


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Hi jh,

All the time. I get up with shadows, go to sleep with shadows...  they are always there.

The real attacks, I am having only between 5 and 20 of them per month. But no episodic break, my pattern is chronic.

So yes, as Into Light says: We all having a great time :D

Shadows are so bad and permanent I thought I was having Hemicrania Continua but the indomethacin test was negative and the specialist I am seeing says the kind of pain I feel is typical for CH and does not fit with HC

Best Regards !



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My shadow feels like a super light ch, something you can still function and work will although very annoying pain.. caffeine won't work and neither will oxygen.. I hate to say it but sometimes I wish it would just go into a cluster for 15 to 20 mins so I can fight it with 02 and move on with my day.. by dinner time Im hurting pretty good.. I try ginger but it don't work for me.. sometimes I'll try a couple moltrin

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