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Help for a friend

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Hey Community,

Checking in from New Zealand. I am thankfully not a sufferer, but have a friend that is. He is a stubborn guy, and having had no luck with doctors in the past he is reluctant to engage with them as he does not see a resolution. He will go in to the emergency room at its absolute worst, where he will get a shot of something unknown that generally pauses attacks for a short period.
He has been prescribed naproxen by his general practitioner (local doctors office) which he takes at the onset of attacks, but results from it seem very inconsistent. I understand he has tried oxygen which he said did nothing, but has never tried abortives like sumatriptan.

We have just headed into Fall here, and the attacks are back, however they are occurring during the morning this season. This is keeping him from work which is causing him a great deal of stress, especially as his bosses are not as understanding as they could be.
Having tried to figure this out for myself for a few months, the desperate lack of research and mixture of advice I can find is not all that helpful.
Would there happen to be some kind of cheat sheet of tested mitigation options that we can try to maybe at least reduce the severity? Having looked around already, high doses of caffeine at onset seems to be popular, and is something we have not tried yet. Any other ideas we can run through like that would be awesome.

Kind regards,


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Read up on the D3 regimen, it is just over the counter vitamins that you can find at most drug stores here in the US. You may need to find some online. Find out how he used the oxygen, was it at 25lpm with a non re breather mask? Most people start out using Verapamil at high dose prescribed by the doctors office. 

You will find all kinds of things people have tried on this site, poke around and ask questions. Not everything works for everyone. He will need to try a bunch of things and figure out his own line of attack.  

I down an energy drink and get on my oxygen as soon as I feel a cluster coming on and I can abort it most times in 15 minutes. 

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