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The Run


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I wrote this today while Busting my migraines. Part 2 may have to wait for the next bust, but I already have ideas for it.

I'm finding it interesting what it is saying to people (have shared it with friends) and thought I would post it here. 



the run, part 1

by moxiegirl


it only takes a moment, and in a flash you decide the run is worth it.

so you set your sights forward, never back, and start running

feet pounding the pavement, you round the bend, your heart racing

the path turns, climbs hills and goes over obstacles. but you don’t care

you keep your eye on your goal.

and run

it’s a worthy goal after all.  no one else can do it.

so you keep running.

the hill turns into a mountain,

so upward you run

the path cuts through forests and over rivers.

still, you run.

forsaking friends and family

you run

possessions, jobs, career

you run all the harder

your life savings, all you worked for is long gone

still, you run, ever prouder

all that you are, is the run.

and still, you run.

ever onward, ever upward.

you run.

the sun is hot now, you’re breaking through the clouds.

still, you run.

the edge of the cliff is before you, it’s getting closer

still, onward you run.

there is an arm, an out cropping of rock

you see it and run

it juts out beyond the cliff

so on that…, you run

the arm becomes a hand.., a finger… and just as it turns to dust,

you jump.

you reach out with all your might, stretching every fibre of your being

to grasp…..


nothing is there.

just air.

a wisp of smoke, a false hope

and a tear left on the breeze by an eagle

as you twist in mid-air to look behind,

you notice the crowd

families with children

standing along the edge

fathers wearing shorts and sandals with socks.

all standing at the edge of the cliff watching you.

some are even taking pictures with their phones

beyond them is a car park, filled with cars and busses

scooters and bikes are dotted about the edge

a man is selling ice cream out of a van, and another selling burgers

between the families and the cliff’s edge, a rope barrier keeps everyone safe

as gravity begins to tug on the tattered fabric of your clothes

and the realisation of your situation implodes in upon  you,

you find yourself wondering, ‘why am I just now noticing the barrier?’

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