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I feel very upset, cannot sleep!!

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Sorry, i will speak very free now. I guess you folks should be spared for that amount of info, but i am so upset now, i shiver and i want to cry!!

I experienced being kicked to the ground and forced to eat chewed food, while held down and beaten, i been kicked down stairs, kicked inside closet etc etc. I been locked in, taken all freedom and will away, i been locked in an empty room without windows and woken up every single time i tried to sleep the time away. I could give more ex, but it`s enough already.

BUT, never ever in my life have i felt this violated as i do today. Letter from lawyer:

"You suffer from post traumatic stress syndrom and traumas from childhood. Along with Clusterheadache, we cannot see how this could affect your daily life."

Sorry, but....WHAT THE FLYING FU#K?!!!!??

I need a cigarette!!!!!! I am so angry!!!!!

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HOLY CRAP!!!!! The fact they state post traumatic stress,traumas and CH, says just the opposite!! How could it NOT affect your life. He should,have a law suit brought against him. After all ,some of our armed services get disability for post traumatic stress.   I hope someone can step in and educate that ignorant educated dumb ass.

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Not being familiar with your laws, I am feeling helpless in offering any advice. I guess, pick up the pieces and start over. Do you have someone to represent your case? Lawyer, Doctor or social service worker?

I'm sorry to hear your news. Not what I expect, when I read your posts.

Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the cluster thing, it is hard to imagine any other problem. Behind each member there is a story. Very sorry you are having to go through this. Stay tough.         Leslie

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Sorry, ting. It sounds like you're being denied govt. assistance for some obviously frivolous reasons. At least that's what it sounds like. Maybe it's something entirely different. Regardless, you're going to need someone to represent you against them. There must be a way for you to get free legal representation. Or at least advice. I wish I could help. 

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Thank you everyone. I went all day yesterday, i didn`t think i cared about it. All of the sudden it was like i was struck by lightening, i got mad as.........

There is a meaning with everything, this maybe is to help me react and get over certain things. I think so. Maybe i need to be mad about what have been unfair in the past. I guess when your capacity give room for it, things will come to the surface. I live very good and i live happily, so my world won`t fall apart, if i taking it inwards, or bringing it out would be more correct. So maybe it is time to do so.

All this experiences alt least it thought me to be a good person, to respect others and always look for the good things in life. I`m happy for that, and i`m not lying now, but i feel lucky, because my life is so good.

But i realized all of the sudden this is not fair, this has been bad. I have managed very good, but i didn`t necessarily had to. Because i did, someone can tell me oh, your doing fine. It felt like i was told your so worthless, that we don`t care.

I always thought that if you want something to happen, but it takes tumbling the hole world up side down, then it`s not meant to at the moment. It will steal your energy you need to live happily. i have a lawyer, but i will let it go. Because, when i sort my feeling out, what is my problem with this is the fact that i felt someone claimed this doesn`t affect me. It`s like all the ghosts came out from the closet at the same time. Then it affects me more than i think.

What i need to do now, is learn how to deal with this, so it won`t haunt me forever, and tidy up my closet for real. As far as it`s possible at least. To do that in a good way, my life has to be as stable as possible. So i will just let it go. I don`t bother.

Thank you everyone for being so supportive, there`s no one i would seek for support on this, so i appreciate it allot :)

Thank you and a big big hug from me :)

Now i gonna run for an hour i think, lol ;)

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Sorry to have to be the one to say it, tingeling, but it looks like maybe you're a human being like the rest of us. I, for one, looked at you - and loved you - as sort of a junior, female sage. After seeing you tossed around like a rag-doll by the implications of a few words in a letter, I'm more inclined to look at you - and love you - more like my very human daughter. I'm so glad that you're here among us, helping everyone you touch. It's like you're our heart.


p.s. - I hope the foregoing didn't come off as harsh or critical. It wasn't meant to be. It came from a warm heart.

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If the system there is anything like it is here it is set up to deny you several times in hopes of you giving up.

Beat them at their own game Ting, and don't give up. THEY want to piss you off.

Don't get mad

Don't get even


Play their paper games. Don't do what they think you'll do.

I'll come to Norway and learn 'em a thing or two.


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What is the "drive" you ask us to listen to in the song?

I love music. All kinds of music. I start everyday with music. You know when a song give you this feeling, a feeling where several different emotions are involved all at the same time? Strangely enough, many times i think why do i like this song? Like this song, i do not like muse very much, not at all in fact, to me this voice is long winded ranting in a way, lol ;D But this song wake something in me. It has a drive, there`s energy in this song :)

What about your hearing?

I know they want me to give up. But i feel like these persons would still have a sort of grip on my life if i let this be a part of my life, for a longer period. My life have been enough affected by it. My lawyer actually sent a new letter, so it will continue a bit longer. But after that, i think im gonna stop it all. Really, it doesn`t mather to me.

Very often, i feel like the luckiest person walking this earth, because i have this wonderful daughter, because i can go too gym, that i do not suffer anymore. All thiese things. And this is enough for me, i want to live in what i wished for, when i can :)

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I learned something very interesting about my hearing loss from my Dr. He's been treating my spinal degeneration (really arthritis, which I'm now riddled with) since my first fusion about 10 years ago. He told me that my hearing loss - which has progressed rapidly over the last 3-4 years - was also caused by the arthritis. He reminded me of the little bones that connect the eardrum to its cochlea. They're connected by joints which are subject to arthritis. The more arthritic those joints become, the less accurately they're able to transmit vibrations from the eardrum. Maybe that's something that everyone else knows about, but it sure was news to me.

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  The more arthritic those joints become, the less accurately they're able to transmit vibrations from the eardrum. .

Roger Waters comes to Cali in December. Sir up front and he'll loosen up those bones!! Or at least leave you comfortably numb!!


Rock on Ting....you are in charge of your happiness in life.

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Hey Ting, sorry I respond so late.

I think Lawyers generaly do not use normal human logic and sensibility.

They use backdoor in law and law tricks to try get over it if they are from gov or against you.

I think only paid lawyers do their job which is sad, because they are expensive, at least that is how it is in here where I live.

I think you could try reading on topic perhaps there are groups of people in Norway that create huge lawsuits in certain case for example health problems.

I will try look around and direct you to one.

Then it gets cheap or even free if the group tries to get as many people as possible to solve their problems in court.

Remember Ting though afterall you got loving daughter and keep telling to yourself you are very good person and caring one.

We need you here and we love you being around here, sharing with us and being very social.

I personaly admire you very much!

- Matty

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Hi Matty :)

Thank you so much for thinking of me :)

I have a lawyer and all that. I just don`t want to. I`m so happy, and that`s the most important part.

I feel as myself again now. I had a reaction, all of the sudden it was like i realized that this is bad stuff, when i was told this isn`t a big deal. But i`m ok now :)

I had the most wonderful day today. Every tuesday, my daughter and i pick up a boy from school. We go home, eat dinner and have a good time. Wednesday`s a friend of my daughter come home with her, and we make arts and crafts. Today we made our own play dough with glitter ;D Then it`s off to the girls gym class.

Saturday, i gonna have a Halloween party for some girls in my daughters class. I LOVE doing all these things. Alomost a year ago, it was absolutly impossible for me. I wished i could, and it made me very sad.

When i prayed, in my prayer i said i don`t have to get rid of it, it`s enough with relief. I got relief that is to me to got rid of it. And i found a treatment that worked on "all" my problems. It made not better from worse, it made it better than good. This slap in my face is a reminder to me, how good things really are now. I don`t think i should overdo it, and ask for even more. There will always be a problem, if i choose to. I gonna make myself more complete, work on those issues, for my own future well being :)

Thank you so much for your good thoughts, i really appreciate it.

Your a really good person i think :)

Hug from me :)

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Hi Matty,

I've got to agree with ting's feelings for you, my friend. I too, think that you're a wholesome, compassionate, sincere, honestly good, young man. You're a major asset to this community. I'm so glad you're here. There have been several times that I've been so down or so wrong and, all of a sudden, there you were picking me up and setting me straight. Thanks for being there.


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