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Nebula from avengers

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So, I watched avengers end game, did anyone else who watched it think of cluster headaches whenever They saw Nebula? Think about it, whenever her left eye projects an image, she holds her left side of her face in agony, when her left eye is in heaps of pain from electricity or whatever, and her  left side of her face has markings where cluster pain usually is located, such as around the eye, the temple, and the left forehead...totally random thing to say, but I watched it tonight and I instantly thought of cluster headaches when I saw her in the movie 

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That's a good example, for sure.

I actually liked it when Hector Hammond's, (the bad guy in Green Lantern) head expanded and he was holding it and screaming in pain. I thought that was a pretty good analogy. 

But, Nebula plays it well too. 


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