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How Similar/Different are our CHs


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I am trying to get an idea if there is any common pattern to our CHs or is everyone’s CHs their own random circus?  And maybe what someone else is doing might help me.  Vice versa.  

I get the typical “alarm clock” CH about 40-90 minutes after I go to sleep.   Does anyone else feel that ....

Waking up , ASAP and getting UP and actually trying to wake up.... helps get the process started or sometimes even prevents the “ramp up” from getting too high?

Sleeping upright, in a chair or recliner, helps reduce the intensity of their CH?  Or help in the waking up ? And again.... less intensity ?

Hot Coffee, Decaf, Regular, Tea. Helps on the roof of the mouth and back of the throat?  No MAJOR gain here I know.   

I do a hot gel pack on my eye/sinus side that is on Fire.  Yeah, hot on hot? I dunno why but it feels better than cold for me but willing to hear what works for others.

O2 works if I get it early...sometimes... not always. But if it’s already ramped up?   It doesn’t seem to help at all.     Is it me ?

If I think of a few more I’ll post.... curious to what others think of the habits and what works for them that I might try.


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I’m the same way with the O2. If my CH starts at full blown like some one turned it on with a switch then the O2 usually doesn’t work. Most of my nocturnal attacks start an hour or so after I’m asleep. They typically have a ramp up but some are faster to ramp up than others.  Hence I moved an M tank upstairs right next to my bed and got a second regulator so I cut down the time to get dressed and run down to the O2 now I just sit on the edge of my bed and put the mask on. This has been a great help. 


As for sleeping position, I have a fellow cluster head friend I met through here who would sleep in a chair because some one told him it would help. He believed it did so he would sleep in the chair. Until I started to tell him I thought it was BS. He did a little experiment and concluded it was just the luck of the draw how many times he got hit at night. Some people swear it makes a difference. I happen to love sleep and my bed and refuse to give it up. I suffer from insomnia but lately I’ve been getting so many hits at night I’m so sleep deprived insomnia isn’t a factor, it’s the CH devil that robs me of my sleep. 


I dont find hot or cold compresses helpful. As well as hot or cold liquids. One of the regulars here used to drink cold liquid through a straw and direct it to the roof of his mouth to create brain freeze and he thought it helped. 

As far as cluster heads go we all have a few things in common but we all respond to treatments differently but you will find some people that share some of your same symptoms or aborts. Another important thing I have learned from others sharing their experiences here is that clusters change. What once worked can all of a sudden stop working, which is a scary proposition for those of us that have found relief either from pharma or alternative treatments like busting. I started a thread a couple of weeks ago which was basically to lighten up the mood here and shed some light on some of the more obscure things people have claimed cured them. I simply searched the site for “cure” and posted a link to the search results. The word cure is a bit taboo here as there is no cure for CH as of yet. So far in my opinion the only things that show great promise is Batch’s Vitamin D protocol and busting. They help a lot of people but by no means are a cure. Here is a link to the “cure” thread. As one member suggested to me it’s probably worth starting with the older posts and ending with the most recent. There are a few by Potter that are down right hysterical. 



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