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Need instructions for use of psilocybin, please!

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 am looking for the dosing instructions for using psilocybin for cluster headaches. I have found a person who can supply the mushrooms but I'm scared to experiment. Desperate to use it though in an effort to avoid future attacks. I have suffered more than 25 years and enough is enough. If anyone can send me a link to the instructions, I would be forever grateful. Thank you. 



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I’d also recommend clicking on the blue new users button at the top of the page. Read the whole thing. You want to educate yourself on the whole process and how to ensure your comfort and safety. You’re going to want to buy a cheap but decent gram scale on amazon that goes to to the hundredth place for 100g and under. So it could measure 0.01g. That should be 15-30$ depending on the scale. This next part is copied from a previous pist I made in response to the same question as you: 


“It is important that you are off all meds that could block the mm from working. Examples include many psychiatric drugs, triptans (sumatriptan aka imitrex or any drug in this class) steroids and a few others that escape me at the moment. You need to obstain from the usual culprit of triptans for 5 days prior to busting/ dosing. Microdosing does not work for clusters. You need to reach a threshold dose where you feel the effects of the mm but don’t necessarily have a significant trip. That “I’m almost tripping” feeling does it for most of us. This is usually achieved at doses of 1-1.5g. Some people can go as low as 0.5g but we generally recommend 1-1.5g. This dose is repeated 3 times 5 days apart. All the while no sumatriptan injections or any other blocking meds. During this time O2 is your best friend. Some people use energy drinks with success as well. I think that’s enough to get you started I’ll post some links in a bit to stuff permanently posted here that you should read prior to busting. “

If you’re dosing to prevent a cycle (are you episodic or chronic?) than people have found that dosing one month before cycle usually starts and follow up dosing every month there after upto and including the last month it usually lasts for. This has been most successful. If you’re chronic let us know and we can discuss things some more. Do a little research and come back to us explaining what you’ve tried, what helps, do you have oxygen... share your story so we can help you more. 

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