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Treatment For my gingivitis

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So, I’ll be going to the dentist in 3 weeks to treat my gingivitis (called the dentist today) now gingivitis isn’t too serious, the treatment isn’t too extensive, just a deep clean of the gums to remove inflammation and post treatment things I have to do, but, is there ANYTHING that induce a CH in gingivitis treatment? 

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G'mornin Dana!

The answer to your question is ABSOLUTELY!!!

My experience is that they usually have to numb you up for deep cleaning....which means (commonly) epinephrine resulting in injections around the upper teeth in close proximity to the trigeminal ganglia.....sometimes dentists will have a numbing agent besides the epi but they'll still be injecting close to the trigeminal!!  Last time I had deep cleaning it definitely triggered some out of cycle hits!!


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