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Gingavitas update

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I get a deep clean every 3 months.  I've done this for the last five years... Smartest decision I've made in that time frame.  Gingivitis is an infection that can easily trigger a CH cycle for episodic CHers and increase CH frequency for chronic CHers.

Unless you're among the lucky few who don't have toenail fungus, the following may help.  A constant fungal infection can also trigger CH during in-cycle times.  Coating the affected toenails with Vicks Vapo Rub or soaking toes in a 50:50 mixture of Listerine and white vinegar can work wonders.  Vicks works for some as it contains antifungal ingredients such as camphor and eucalyptus oil.     Listerine contains thymol and menthol that act as anti-fungal agents.  When combined with the acetic acid in vinegar which lowers pH below where fungus survives, this combination works great.

It's best to use an extra large finger cot with either method to keep the therapeutic agents on the infected area and not on sheets or carpets.  Soak a tissue in the Listerine and vinegar mix, wrap it around the toe then roll on a large finger cot.


A hot soak in Borax or Epson Salt can also be effective.  It worked great on my horse's hoofs.

Take care,

V/R, Batch

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