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Getting circumcised

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I have Phimosis, basically I have a very tight foreskin and can’t pull it back, I’ve decided to go the surgery route and get circumcised, is there anything that could trigger a cluster? Like anesthetics? 


I know talking about this ain’t everyone’s cuppa tea, but I’d hate to induce an out of cycle hit when treating this

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I just had a hip replacement this past Monday and had no Cluster attack caused from the surgery. I was doing well just before the operation and will be posting a thread about what is going on with me now. 

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Dana, you can request that the anesthesia not contain any epinephrine. They can do that. Also, you can request that O2 at 15lpm minimum be waiting for you with a non-rebreather mask when you wake in recovery. I have requested both for a few surgeries last year. I woke from one with a hit and they were right there with my O2 cranked as requested. I did not get told to 'lie back down now' as they were told not to do that either.

One surgery I did not remember the epinephrine. I got 10 hits after I left the hospital. It was a lousy day and night.

Just tell the anesthesiologist when they come by prior to surgery.  


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