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Emgality for episodic

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I am episodic and started a new cycle about 5 weeks ago.  Was prescribed the prednisone taper (which always works for me) and Emgality at 3 100mg injections per month as stated above.  After i finished the prednisone (about 3 weeks ago) it was time to see if Emgality was working.  I've had maybe 1-2 clusters that I would rank as above a 5/10 and a few days of just getting the feeling of a headache coming but never materializing.  The rest has been PF.  For reference, during a cycle i typically get 1 per day.  I'm pretty optimistic that the Emgality is helping.

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I’m an Emgality fail. Started cycle in October. Got in right away for the two free 120 mg Emgality, Depakote, Prednisone burst and o2. HA’s stopped within a week. I’ve had that happen before with prednisone. At this point I’m still on the fence as to Emgality. Next month I pay $600 for the 3-100mg. shots. Still no HA’s. I’m optimistic. 3 weeks later HA’s are back with a vengeance. A week later I pay $600 for another round of Emgality and it did nothing. HA’s continued to get worse.. up to 8 a day/night. Sleep is a big trigger for me. Even O2 had a hard time aborting the attacks. The only good news is, after a month of pure terror, I should start winding down this cycle. I want my freakin’ $1200 back because Emgality didn’t do shit. It was the Prednisone that gave me the initial relief and O2 got me through the peak period. Bummer. I had high hopes for that stuff. Another failed treatment. 

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