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Migraine...I hope you can help

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I am a 25-year-old male & I am sitting here crying tears of joy. I have two aunts who both have migraines but  I've never talked to another man who has had a migraine. I've felt very very alone. 

two months ago I was sitting at my mother's kitchen table(both of us have migraines) with my hands in my palms trying to figure out where I went wrong and why I was having migraines again. I looked up, looked her dead in the eyes and yelled Psilocybin. I didn't know others had not only thought the same but persued it. 

I was no stranger to MM as a teenager. or using any drug recreationally for that matter. I have always known that it had far more healing properties and wasn't just to trip out on your friend's couch. 

I've been on several triptans and although they work. There's never enough for the number of migraines I have. The side effects are horrible. 

I'm glad I have found this site. I'm looking forward to reading various forums, talking with others, and educating myself on the subject of using non-pharma ways to attack this. 


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Hi Wesconsin,

Welcome to this forum ! Although this forum is mainly dedicated to cluster headaches, migraine is also discussed often here. If you want to get into a specialized migraine forum, I recommend the folks on migraine.com. There are always huge discussions going on there about treatments and especially the latest ones like Aimovig. Please have a look there. But indeed, 90 % of the posters are women; nothing wrong with that but it is just a fact that migraine tends to appear more in women than in men. For CH it's rather the opposite but these male-female differences are diminishing.

Getting control over migraine is not an easy thing. I suffer myself from serious migraine attacks since childhood, I can not remember a time I did not have migraine, and now I am 50 and they are still there, although they have much improved. Since 2012 I got cluster headaches but that is another story. CH and migraine have some overlap but they are two different conditions that have each their own problems.

Now what can be done to bring them under control ? That all depends from person to person. For some, magnesium, feverfew, butterbur, ribovlavin (vit B2), CoQ10 can work and some have good results. I never had good luck with these supplements. There is here also a Vit D regimen that brings relief to many CH patients. There are some modifications to make for migraine (Batch, who invented this regimen can explain you all the details) but these are all things you can try.

Some have luck with osteopathy, manual therapy etc. if the cause of the migraine is in the neck. I did that as well and it had some effect.

Also important is try to get control over your triggers. First you must figure out what your triggers are. Most common ones are glaring computer/smartphone screens - that is a huge one for me, dark chocolate, citrus fruits etc... Also important is not sleeping too long and getting up as early as you can. But I am hugely dependent on triptans. I have always taken Zomig but there are so many you can try. Some are milder and slow acting while others are fast acting and stronger, with more side effects.

That is it so what I can tell you. There are others here with migraine and they can tell you their insights and experiences.

Anyway good luck and keep us posted !



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