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Ketamine Infusion

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I had a ketamine infusion for chronic cluster headache. The experience was quite pleasant. I had no real side effects. About 2 hours after the IV I had a pretty bad CH. I was under the impression a treatment would stop the headaches. The infusion lasted about an hour. Now I am finding out that for a remission to occur the treatment needs to last 4 days. Anybody on this forum receive this treatment?

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The role of ketamine is still pretty ill defined.  I do not believe there is an established role or treatment protocol for ketamine.  Most of the treatment options are case reports and individual reports.  Because ketamine is “legal” and available it should be easier to study but because it can be a profit center infusion clinics are popping up with their own protocols mostly to treat depression and anxiety.  Cluster headaches are largely a side business.   Until there is a study (s) to demonstrate effectiveness the intervention is hit or miss ( experimental)

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I agree.  Lots of pain clinics will tell you that you "need" a certain number of days but this is definitely unproven.  My bet is that it is different for everyone and that different people need different amounts.  Some people seem to get by with just intranasal ketamine instead of infusions.


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