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Does Advil working mean it’s not CH?

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In all of my readings it seems that Advil doesn’t work for CH. For me, the Advil doesn’t stop an attack and doesn’t kick in for at least an hour, but it stops more attacks from occurring for at least a few hours once it finally does. During the peak of my cycle that could be a few hours, during the down cycle it could be 12 or more hours. 

Does anyone else have positive effects with Advil? I’m still trying to figure out what I have and I’m done going to doctors, so trying to learn as much as I can through the community. 

thanks for your help. 

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I would say; definitely not. 

Ibuprofen is not a diagnostic tool for CH, such as indomethacin is for hemicrania. So if it works or not, with regard to diagnosis it doesn't matter.

I have never tried this but I use Excedrin Migraine sometimes. Results are very poor and often a hit or a miss. If it does something, it gives me a little bit of relief for an hour but mostly it does nothing. Oxygen + a cup of very strong coffee gives much better results.

If you look for a diagnostic tool for CH, I think oxygen comes closest. 

All the best !

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17 hours ago, Dlions20 said:

I’m still trying to figure out what I have

You really haven't said much in your posts here, at least as I remember them, about your symptoms.  You mentioned that you have an atypical pattern during attacks, which I think you said come in waves.  That and the Advil (and your now trying O2) is about all you have mentioned, at least as I remember.  What medicines or treatments have you tried?  Do you have these kinds of symptoms? 

  • Excruciating pain that is generally situated in, behind or around one eye, but may radiate to other areas of your face, head and neck
  • One-sided pain
  • Restlessness
  • Excessive tearing
  • Redness of your eye on the affected side
  • Stuffy or runny nose on the affected side
  • Forehead or facial sweating on the affected side
  • Pale skin (pallor) or flushing on your face
  • Swelling around your eye on the affected side
  • Drooping eyelid on the affected side


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Thanks for all the replies, this community has really helped me out a lot. 

the answer to all of that is yes. During my peak, I have 2-3 major attacks throughout the day, usually the same times every day, and then shadow headaches all day. It’s all on my left Side and I can’t open my left eye during an attack, usually lasting about an hour. Some nights I’m taking 10+ hot showers to deal with the pain as that’s the only thing that helps. During an attack I’m running around the house and can’t sit still. The one major issue I have is during sleep and at night. I’m a light sleeper, so every time I wake up I’m getting bad attacks instantly, without any warning like the attacks during the day, where I’ll know it’s coming by slight pains in my neck and shoulders. 

unlike many, I have a very different way of living where I don’t really believe in medications. I was prescribed verapamil and took it once and stopped. I then went to another doctor who prescribed fioricet with codeine but only took that once as well.  Neither made my stomach feel right and didn’t think they made any difference.

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