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Nerve blocker

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nerve blocks are generally hit or miss assuming you have an experienced person placing them.  Nerve block success is often operator dependent and even in the best of hands can get variable results.  You are either dealing with a sphenoganglion block or an occipital block.  Its worth a try but even if they are successful they have to be repeated.  Implants are still a work in progress and have transient reports of success. The issue with implants (my opinion) is they require a surgical procedure and although the procedure is minimal it still leads to scarring and potential compounding of the problem.  I believe there is one implant approved in Europe, I'm not sure of the application status in the US.  As with all interventions you have numerators in search of denominators.  I personally would be more inclined towards the CRGP injections (Amovig or Emgality) if confined to conventional therapy.

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