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This Throbbing Headache in the back of the head!

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With cluster headache now in control, I really want to take control of this secondary headache that disables me. The headache is a pulsating headache right at the base of the skull where the ligaments of the neck attach to the head. Exertion intensifies the pain. Extreme sensitivity to Light (LED light). Lasts for nearly 6 hours when uncontrolled.

A few of my triggers are when I run/jog exercise after a weeks break, getting dehydrated rapidly, diesel smoke from vehicles on the road, greasy food, bright lights etc. No matter the trigger, all of these elements exacerbates the headache severely!

If I take 2x200mg Advil (ibuprofen) right in time at the onset of the headache, and take a jug of water to ensure it isn't due to dehydration, I am able to control the headache.

However, oftentimes like last night when I cannot access any medication in time, 15mins into the headache I take 2x200mg Advil with no effect and in desperation, I take 2 more 200mg Advil within an hour, with no effect on the headache, other than my stomach and chest burning from the ibuprofen. I have also tried Excedrin with no effect.

The internet has different names for this same headache and no conclusive treatment, and it advises to simply keep away from what triggers the headache but that is poor advice in my opinion. I cannot lock myself away from the world outside just to keep myself away from this headache.

This is exactly why I am here asking for help, for a different advice that can help me cope with this headache. Please help guys. Thank you so much!

I've also been wondering, has anyone tried Oxygen for this headache?

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Hey Alikhan,

Oxygen therapy with hyperventilation can be effective aborting both cluster and migraine headaches.

If you haven't tried it, the anti-inflammatory regimen with 10,000 IU/day vitamin D3 plus the cofactors has a proven track record preventing cluster and migraine headaches.  You can download a copy of this treatment protocol at the following vitaminDwiki link:


Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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Thank you @Batch! You've always been helpful!

About the Vit D3 regimen, I followed it last year before my cycle, and initially, my Vit-D3 were very low, around 10ng/mol, and in a months time, I was able to safely take it up to 80+.  

However, unfortunately, I still entered my cycle that year and had quite a bad experience managing it that year. It started around the end of December and stretched around the end of Feb this year. I thought I needed to raise my vit D higher so I continued loading and last I checked was 110ng/mol with no luck. That time around, when the cycle was at peak with intense attacks, oxygen didn't help much either. It wouldn't abort the attacks and as soon as I took the mask off the headache would rebound.

Still, some great advice I borrowed from the regiment were GOMBS diet, multi-vits that I take every other day now, along with fish-oil and vit D, which was very low (around 10), when I first checked before the regimen. I just wish the regimen worked for me. I also have my thread here where I reported my conditions while I was on vit-d3-regimen, in case you wish to read about it.

I would love to offer more information if it helps. Thank you again Batch. I am relieved to hear that oxygen helps in this headache too.

And by the way, isn't migraine one-sided? Or is that knowledge obsolete? Because the symptoms of my headache are all like a migraine only that its bilateral.

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Migraine can easily be bilateral while CH is rather strictly unilateral

I have never got any success with O2 for migraine. For CH and CH shadows it works very well but for migraine there is no effect. The intense breathing that is required even make it worse. For me O2 is a very good way to distinguish between a CH shadow and a light migraine headache. Without the "O2 test" it is very difficult to tell the difference.


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