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Amun Ren

where/how i get oxygen - FLORIDA

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Hello Soldiers,

Oxygen is without a doubt number one when it comes to CH treatments. I have seen a number of posts from people newly diagnosed who have trouble getting oxygen, so i thought i might share my experience and resources.

At the moment i do not have medical insurance. Im not sure if that plays a part in filling oxygen prescriptions but i know it makes a difference when finding a doctor.

After meeting with their neurologist, I received a prescription for oxygen from Red Crescent Clinic of Tampa Bay. In addition to oxygen I was also given a prescription for verapamil and one or two other medications which i didn't bother with. This visit only cost me a $10 donation. I found the staff sympathetic and very willing to help.

Once i found Florida Oxygen and Transfilling i was able to get my oxygen prescription filled the following day with no trouble at all (I believe they have a number of CH patients already) and once again was treated incredibly well by the owner, Jason. They have just about every size tank you could need. Their business card says they do deliveries and have 24 hour service.

I have 4 size E tanks that i keep in my truck pretty much all the time. 

Hope someone finds this helpful. pf wishes to all

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Thank you for taking the time to post this.  It seems like folks in Florida often have challenges with getting O2 (even when it has been prescribed).  This is a big help.

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I'm in Sarasota and have been well-treated. Apria is the company and least they take a self-pay amount that I find very reasonable. The delivery guys are your friends. Be good to them and life is good.

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