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post headaches euphoria


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Just checking to see if I'm the only one. After a cluster headache, I get a small bonus of an endorphin (or feels like) high. I just assumed it was due to natural endorphins release in response to pain, and since cluster headaches leave as quickly as they come on, I get a short... "high". I was wondering if anyone else experiences these?

Of course this could be a completely psychosomatic response to the headaches. ie: NOT being in the middle of a headache is SOOOO nice compared to being in one, it seems heavenly.

Just wondering

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...hi MF...welcome...

...oh absolutely....and combined with a ciggie post hit was the closest I could get to a buzz while in cycle. never knew if it was endorphins from pain, physical exertion (I was VERY active)....a reaction to excess adrenaline dump....or some kind of psychological relief high. what i did notice was that the longer my ch "career" went, and the lesser my anger, agitation, physical activity, overheating and stress became.... because i learned how to deal: (OXYGEN!!!, energy drinks, D3, meditation for mental health between cycles....and actually going from ECH to CCH) ....the lower the level of euphoria post hit i experienced. would make that trade ANY day....

....there has been discussion....a number of yrs ago.... at clusterheadaches.com.....not sure how much can be said about post hit euphoria that's worth a deep dive, which is probably why it's an uncommon topic....



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One of the best explanations for the cause of the euphoria many of us experience after a heavy CH hit follows.

There's a cocktail of several known chemicals produced by the brain that can have a euphoric effect on a person. (Particularly after a painful CH).

-Endorphins (The brain's natural opiates released in response to pain.) may be the most well known of these chemicals and they can be produced for a variety of reasons, one of which is, athletic activity or in our case as CHers, during a heavy hit.

-Dopamine is another well known chemical that makes us feel good and can be produced when eating delicious food.

Dopamine is also the primary chemical that is produced in overflow quantities when using methamphetamine a.k.a. speed or meth. The excess dopamine is what causes the user to feel "high". When the excess dopamine is destroyed the user "crashes".  (What's unclear here is the sequencing.  Is dopamine released in response to the endorphins or the CH pain?  In either case, it's nice.)

-Serotonin is another important chemical in determining mood/well-being. It can be produced naturally by simple exposure to light.

Serotonin is one the primary chemicals adjusted in most major antidepressants. These drugs are known as SSRI - Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors. The SSRI works by blocking the sending neuron from taking back serotonin, thereby increasing the available serotonin levels in the synapse.

For what it's worth... Better living through bio-chemistry.

Take care,

V/R, Batch

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