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Hoping everyone is having a pain free weekend thus far. I’ve been using Red Bull before I hit the O2 tank and taking some to work with me to help with shaddows. Sugar free Red Bull is the only drink I can take that doesn’t make me overly shakey.  My question is, has anyone on the forum tried using just a taurine supplement? Is it the taurine in energy drinks that helps with CH aborts? Any side effects from the supplement etc? 



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When the great tommyd created the first Clusterbuster Files entries back in 2010, he wrote that there was an "ongoing debate" about whether the taurine has an effect, or whether it's just the caffeine that is impacting the attacks (or shadows).  I don't think that debate has been resolved, since some people get good results from caffeine alone, and I'm pretty sure that the V-8 energy drinks that some people prefer don't have taurine in them. Some people even think it's the niacin in those drinks that helps, more than the taurine.  So if by "just a taurine supplement" you mean taurine alone, without caffeine, I suspect -- but can't say for sure -- that it would be ineffective.  I know that some people have taken taurine pills and caffeine pills, but don't ask me why, or how helpful it was.

(I'm guessing that the reason that the Red Bull doesn't make you shaky is that the 8 oz. version has roughly the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, about 80mg. A 5-Hour Energy shot has 215mg of caffeine!)

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I take just caffeine. Either in capsule form or V8 Energy. I have also used cold coffee prepped earlier for the occasion. They work for me. The energy drinks and shots make me feel sick to my stomach. They literally don't stay down. So, I was very happy to find that the V8 version does not upset my stomach. No taurine in them. So, for me, it does not matter that there is no taurine.

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1 hour ago, spiny said:

I really hope it works as well for you as it does for me Kat!!!! Being 'Red Bull' sick is the pits. :wacko:

@Brain on fire

ive had 2 v-8 today and my stomach felt fine. It’s energy in the form of black tea and green tea so I didnt get that jittery feeling that I get from Red Bull. I can’t speak to it helping with the shaddows because I still have them most of the day today. I had to hit the O2 tank at about 7:30 yesterday so we’ll see how tonight goes :/ 

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