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Prescription Frustrations - long rant

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Second Update from the OP

Well Hallelujah and pass the ammunition. Last week I got a call back from my Doc's office, they needed help filling out a form from Aprila Healthcare for the O2 setup. They asked me all the medical questions again about our condition, stuff I know is in my record, but I'm in no mood to complain since it looks like we're making progress. Stuff like eye swelling, nasal congestion, consistent pain location etc (you know all the symptoms). She says she's sending the form over to Aprila and they should contact me. 

Sure enough Aprila calls me Friday to set up an appointment. I have to come in to be trained how to use the equipment. 

I went in for my appointment today, got the rudimentary explanation how to use everything, They gave me 3 small tanks to take away with me, mask, hose, regulator and carrying rig. They set me up for delivery of their largest tank, which is supposed to come this afternoon. They'll deliver tanks whenever I need them from this point forward. 

Here's the kicker - Its all covered by insurance! I was presented a zero dollar invoice when I left. 

After all the hassle, I felt like I hit the lottery. 

I guess calling my CEO and complaining to him about our health insurance may have helped.  Apparently threatening to pull the account of 600+ people has a way of getting an insurance company's attention. 

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HOT DAMN!!!... Boy I am glad to hear somebody is able to hit the lottery :).... I used to have a monster tank that was setup in my house like that (oddly enough 15 years ago I didn't have a problem getting it), then my Insurance AND doctor changed because of my employer, then I hit a brick wall.



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Wow! Congratulations! Looks like you bent the right ear to get the mess fixed. :)

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