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I'm finally here.

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After how many years, I finally signed up for an account here. For those not familiar with the name Vance, it's Lee Hulick. Vance is the name I sign my artwork with so it's an easy second choice than my first name. And God forbid anyone try to pronounce my last name correctly without taking the class.

I got an invite from my brother to meet him in Joliet, IL the second weekend in September and I thought that sounded vaguely familiar. Then I saw a post from Ainslie about the CB Conference and saw those dates and thought this could work for BOTH!!! So now the planning begins!!

Anyway, I'm here.

Vance, AKA Lee - I'll answer to both.

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Welcome to the community Lee!  You'll never forget making the conference....4 down and hoping to make Chi Town number 5!

Dallas Denny 

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