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shitiz bansal

exercise and sex

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I am suffering from cluster headache since 2003. Over the years, It was misdiagnosed several times such as:

-          Weak eye muscels

-          Dry eyes

-          Sinus blockage

-          Tension headache

-          Psychological (its nothing just you think so you feel it)

It occurs to me every 11 months and lasts 15-20 days. I consulted a neurologist only in 2020. Till then, I found an indigenous way to get out of it. When I do intense cardio exercise within a very short interval, the upcoming attack subsides. What I mean is that you get a time window of about 2-4 minutes where the pain is very mild and is only beginning. So, in that window, all you have to do is get your heart rate to about 150 bpm. If you do that, the pain will naturally go away. There are 2 advantages of this treatment:

1.       You don’t need to take any steroid or any injection. It is completely natural. And some exercise can never hurt.

2.       It releases anti oxidants which uplift your mood. So, you don’t get depressed in that period.

One thing to note that if you have missed your window of a few minutes and the pain reaches its peak, the exercise won’t work no matter how hard you do it. Also, I have tried strength training (eg. Lifting weights) in that period and it does not work. Only cardiovascular exercises work. It sometimes does not work if you get pain in the night. This is because in the night you wake up with the pain only when it is strong enough. So, that time window within which you can exercise has already been missed.

One more thing I want to share that I have found out by myself is that when you are suffering from pain and you don’t have any other way, engaging in sexual activity proves to be a very nice distraction. No matter how serious the pain, it goes away as long as you are engaged in that activity.


Shitiz Bansal


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for me running works just lke you explain but I have to sprint to exhaustion super fast, only then can I abort an attack. 

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i don't try to abort with strength training, but i will go work out up through kip5. the pain goes away nearly immediately. and returns when i exit the gym. 

all the same, all different



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