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Vitamin D3 regime

Cluster S

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Hey guys my husband has been getting cluster headaches everyday for the past two weeks, we want to start with vitamin d 3 regime since we do not have access to RC seeds or shrooms at the moment. 
Has any of you tried the regime ? Did it help? Also if it did help how long do you have to continue taking it? 

Any response is highly appreciated 

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@Cluster S welcome to the site 

I don’t have a direct link to the article but just to get you started 

Bio tech D3-50 once a week (you need to do a loading dose for a week or two. More explained in the article I’m sure someone will post soon) order these on amazon 

k2 advanced once a day 

fish oil 1200 mg (I take 2 per day)

magnesium 500 mg once per day 

multi vitamin once per day (Kirkland brand sold on amazon if you don’t have a Costco membership. I got 800 for like $30)

needs to be taken year round. 

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I am currently in the middle of a CH season. A couple of weeks into it I discovered I was only taking 1/2 dose of vitamin D3. I had not read anything about the effects d3 has on cluster headaches. I doubled the dose and didn't have another CH for 5 days. On the 5th day I felt another CH coming on so I took another dose. The CH went away and I continue to take 2 doses a day. 1 in the AM and 1 before bed. That's 200mcg per day. Hope this helps 

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