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Zolmitriptan Microneedle System study

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New study for the Zolmitriptan microneedle system is now available for us lucky clusterheads.

I do not see it on clinicaltrials.gov but I am enrolled in the Philadelphia area. 

Same old drug just a new way to administer. This is a small patch about the size of a quarter with a bunch of small needles on it that are coated with the medicine. Kind of feels like a cat tongue or shark skin. They give you one patch treatment to use at the first feeling of a cluster coming one and you have a few days to report back to the office. seems like a low risk trial if you have used any triptans in the past. 

Might just give someone another option when the injection triptans cost is out of reach. Something you may want to ask your PCP or headache specialist about.

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Very interesting. So, you have just one of the new patches? I wonder how much is actually in the dose? 

Thanks for enrolling and furthering study on this!!!! We all benefit when anyone volunteers to further knowledge! :) 

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FT...thank you...very interesting!

Not quite understanding usage procedure...one patch per hit?....or constant admin at low dosage as a prophylactic?...or ability to selectively admin for a hit?...dosage? Why do you think it would be a cheaper option? I paid basically the same amt for Imi and Zomig NS (after insurance)...with Medicare Adv now $125 copay per script....



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It is one patch per hit. you apply the patch to your arm when you feel the cluster coming one. They only gave me one for the study, could be the real thing could also be placebo. The way the study breaks it down for dosage is like this: 

They actually give you 2 patches and you will use both for one cluster attack

1.9mg consisting of one 1.9mg patch and 1 placebo patch

3.8mg consisting of two 1.9mg patches

you have up to 48 weeks to treat one qualifying cluster attack after being accepted into the study and must report back tot he office within 4 or 5 days of your treatment. I have a doctors visit on the 24th so I am holding off to use mine until the weekend before. I am lucky enough to get hit every day so I can time it out like this. Saves me from taking another day off work for a doctors visit. Weather it works for me or not I am not even that interested in, I am not a big fan of any triptans, but if it can help someone else get through just one more day then it is worth giving it a try to be approved and moved to market. 

As far as the cost goes I figure the mor options on the market the more competition. I know that sumatriptan pills cost me around 20 bucks for a box of 9 and the injectables are 120 each shot. I figured a patch would maybe work much better then the pills do and not cost as much as the injections. I have no idea what it will end up costing in reality I just hope it gives another option for someone that can not afford the injections. 

Here is something I found on the study from migraine


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