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Sneaky two time attacks at night

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Hi All

Just recently started a new cycle last Sunday. Attacks coming at 8:30 and 12:30 pm. I am on veperamil and D3 Regime also take Melatonin and God bless red bull. My doctor I am still educating on Oxygen.

Thinking cycle started due to sleep disruptions, had major surgery on 2-6 and doctor had me stop d-3 regime on 1-31, attacks started Sunday 2-9. Really couldn't move 2-7, 2-8, 2-9 and slept most of the day.

I have been busting 1st attack with red bull, good results on that. 2nd attack at 12:30 has been brutal , using immitrex oral, ice, keeping night watch at my house, clockwork build up, running out of bed.  I dont care for Imitrex, but seems to be only solution. How many red bull cans are safe with 480 mil of veperamil. Can I load up on Veperamil to bust cycle? My doctor has me on 240 mil a day.

In the past I have lucked out taking 4 verapamil to fend off a cycle,  never tried busting with it.

Any advice appreciated,  tried Draminine last night to not go into Rem sleep,  didnt work.

I loaded up on D3 yesterday to get my balance back and took 50,000 iu's today,  why not

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Thanks for the reply. Agreed on getting a better doctor.  I like the comment about getting your D3 Exposure from the sunshine. I was in for surgery as I had too much sunshine and needed to get a couple parts cut out due to too much sun. My wife thought since they took some lymph nodes, maybe that caused it but maybe the ansethesia.

I will get my D3 wearing a shirt and big hat

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I got too much d from the sun and it turned into skin cancer. That's out now which is great. Got my Melatonin in and waiting to see if there is peace tonight or a red bull and immitrex late night supper

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If the anesthesia contained Epinephrine, that can start the hits. Or a cycle. For me, I can bring on one by stopping the D3 for two days. I would return to loading and taking the full D3 Regimen. I would add the Benadryl too, if you are not already taking it. 

You need to know your blood pressure before upping the Verap. It is best to take that at home where it won't get elevated due to being at the doctors. Sit quietly for ten minutes, don't cross your legs and take it. You will get a more accurate reading of what is normal for you. Talk to your Neuro about that and ask him about upping it and perhaps doing a Pred. taper at the same time. That can often help a lot. The Pred usually stops the hits for a few days, so the Verap can build up in your body without you suffering in the meantime.  

If you can't get O2, consider going the welding route. It is the same O2. Perhaps a friend has a welding set-up?

You can also sleep in a recliner with your heart above our head. Don't know why, but it helps a lot with nocturnal hits. You likely will wake sooner and have better results in aborting the hit. If it is coming at one particular time, you might try a Redbull 1/2 an hour prior to that time. Or even go ahead and take the Trex as a preventative. That helps some.

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