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Hey Batch!!!

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There are two changes to the supplements listed in the posted version of this treatment protocol that will appear in the updated version I hope to have available later this month.  They include switching to the Bio-Tech D3-50 50,000 IU water soluble form of vitamin D3 that's suggested at a dose of one (1) D3-50/week as the initial maintenance dose.  Rationale: The Bio-Tech D3-50 is proving to be faster acting with a higher bioequivalence in elevating serum 25(OH)D3 than the same dose of the oil-based liquid softgel vitamin D3 formulations. The D3-50 is also less expensive at one 23 cent capsule a week or ~3 cents/day.

Bio-Tech D3-50




The other change is a switch to Methyl Folate + (vitamin B complex) in place of the vitamin B 50/100 complex.  Rationale:  This form of Folate and B complex appears to have a higher bioequivalence in preventing CH and MH.  These are also the same B vitamins called for in the Coimbra protocol used to prevent MS and other autoimmune disorders.


Methy Folate + Vitamin B Complex



Take care and please keep us posted.

V/R, Batch

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