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Longest possible period of maximum suffering?

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How long is the longest anyone has ever had it at the level 9.9 scale of it?  Where each attack throughout every day is as bad as it can get, day after day, on and on.

I'm not asking about a total cycle duration where you may have weaker surface-level ones at the start or end of the total timeline, I'm specifically asking about the extreme deep-penetrating types that sooner or later always go away, but you sometimes wonder, "What if they don't go away?".

Has it ever happened, where they don't go away?  I doubt it but how do we really know, if that person ended their life when they thought it was never going to end.  To provide a measurement of a maximum known timeline, what is the longest period of time that someone could "bet on" that the really bad ones finally slow down and get weaker?

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Hey Brain, just wanted to let you know that I have been working directly with a guy in the UK who decided to give my "theory" about a parasite a try.  After 6 days (just like my 6 days) on my "cure" drug, he passed something out of his nostril but instead of blowing it out his nose it want down the back of his throat and he swallowed it. Said it felt like a big slimy glob.  Now he suddenly no longer has any stuffiness in his CH nostril like he had for years, just like me.  Unfortunately though, his typical cycle had ended just before he got the drug, but he went ahead and took it.  So we wont know for around 10 months whether he still has any CH.  Just saying though that I wish I could get more people to try this instead of just blowing it off and saying it's impossible.  It COULD stop a lot of suffering.  You just don't know unless you try it.

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Hi Arrow,

What is 10 ? I used to never consider an attack as 10 as I always think even more pain can be inflicted. So I consider 9 as a maximum possible.

My attacks (Paroxysmal Hemicrania) come in batches non-stop over a period of around 1-2 days. Attacks take on average 6 minutes each. First ones go well but after 5-6 attacks it start to ramp up. They approaching 9. Mostly a migraine attack has then also already started and is also fast ramping up to 7. Those 2 together become unbearable. Maximum what I can stand is 6 to 8 hours of this which is around 8 to 10 attacks. That is the moment where I think "something has to happen right now" !

Every attack period is like this and I have never experienced a "light" one... most ending up into an ultimate torture... unfortunately :(

Best Regards !


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Also the 1-10 scale is subjective, if you have, as far as you can recall, never felt that level of pain before, it is the most pain you can ever recall feeling, that is a 10. 10 is described as or referenced by "The most pain you have ever felt" not do you think you could feel more, just the most pain you have ever had up to that moment. Kip scale adds some more detail and thresholds, but it does just boil down to "Is it the worst pain you have ever felt".

For my perspective, at one point in my life the kidney stone I had and passed would have read a 10 to me, but thanks to these lovely things and a reshuffling of my pain scale it would now fall around a 5 or 6. So until something hurts more, the most pain you have ever had is a 10, you feel more eventually, that becomes the 'new' 10 and the old '10' becomes a 9. 

Anecdotally, I have also begun using two scales for medical issues. My cluster scale for cluster appointments, neuros etc. But I wipe cluster pain from my scale if I go in with say stomach issues or the like, otherwise your pain scale is wildly skewed compared to what a triage nurse would understand. You tell a triage nurse kidney stone pain is barely a 5 they look at you like you are off your rocker. 


For the op I have been somewhat lucky as full on "10"'s are a once or twice a week occurrence, the rest falling below 10. The ending of this winter where I live has been pretty chaotic, cold, warm, hot, windy, chinooks, snow and cycling pressures like nuts, so the other day I got my first 3 "10"'s in a row with the rest that day being just below that. My attacks, lucky me, go about 2.5 hours, it seems the 10's calm a bit after 1.5 hours but that could simply be exhaustion and a kind of mental numbing to that amount of pain over that amount of time.

so for me that would make it 7.5 hours of the most pain I have felt in my life, with maybe 1.5-2 hours pain free split amongst it.

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I reached new tens last year and had to slide my scale. Most of them used to be 20-60 minutes but they have gone three hours+ in recent times. You def. wonder if it will ever end past the three hour mark. The good news is that busting is working. Hang in there!

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My last cycle started as the worst so far at 8, 9 and even 10 and lasted for 2 hours. An hour of relief and was back to crazy levels of pain for another 3 hours. With 5 to 6 attacks a day at 8,9,10 I was searching Google for "painless ways to kill yourself"

Thankfully, I reached this forum, where many angels reside and I now laugh at myself for having given up on life. 

Love and pain free wishes.



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