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Hi Guys

I have been a cluster headache sufferer for 15 years.

I underwent very minor surgery and have been cured completely.


Google Dr. Elliot Shevel and the Headache Clinic in South Africa

This is a very safe and clean and professional environment (World Class). You will be treated with respect from the onset, and you will become headache free.

Because of the exchange rate, it may be relatively cheap depending where you are coming from.

If you are at your wits end as I was, this will cure your cluster permanently. 

You can view the testimonials on the website. 100% guaranteed to work.

If you have any questions, please ask. 

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It worked for me.

You are welcome to ask any questions.

I would get 4 attacks a day.

Triggers for me in my cycles were:

1. Alcohol

2. Exercise

3. Rem Sleep

4. Altitude

5. Normal occurrence at around 13:00 and 21:00 every day.

I have been headache free for 5 years now.




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Ok, so I searched the forum for Dr Eliot Shevel and found no reference.

Do yourself a favor and at least Google him and the clinic.

Look at the testimonies (video) at least.

The pain is not in your brain is it? Where is your pain if not in the brain? What does a neurologist specialize in?

I posted here because there is a cure and I waited long enough to ensure that it was not all in my mind. I understand what it is like to live with Cluster Headaches, and the trauma my family and I have gone through. I know what it is like pacing my home at 3 in the morning, bashing my head against a wall. I know what it is like considering taking my pistol and blowing the pain away. If you refuse to believe it, so be it.

I would not leave everyone desolate without researching this Dr and his technique. 

I am not forcing anyone to take me at my word. I have nothing what so ever to gain to try and fool people. Do your own research, listen to the testimonies and make up your own mind.


Ps. I did find the thread on him, and read his sons response. 

You are welcome to delete this thread if you prefer.


What I found funny is that most of the comments from posters on that thread was that he does brain surgery.

It is nothing of the sort! He does not cut into the brain. That is simply a lie. There is NO BRAIN SURGERY involved.


He also does not cut into nerves. He cauterizes some veins/arteries. The human body is amazing in that it will divert the blood flow and even form new veins.


I saw the testimonies posted on the other thread. I am sorry to see that the words of uninformed people about BRAIN SURGERY would discourage people who suffer from the most debilitating  headaches from actually getting a cure.

The Dr, was nothing but helpful, so saying that he was dismissive and uncaring is very hard for me to swallow.

If his success rate is 99% then that should outweigh all the negative feedback I saw.

BTW, the first heart transplant was done by Dr Christiaan Barnard, a South African with a success rate not guaranteed, even today. (In terms of life expectancy)

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His success rate is definitely not 99%.  He and his son have come here several times trying to sell their supposed cure.  Meanwhile there have been lots of people that are poorer and disfigured because of cutting nerves in their face and head.  CH goes into remission for no reason at all some times.  I'm glad you're pain free, but please don't post the word cure on here, else you're open to ridicule.  Seriously there have been entirely too many people posting quack cures,  non of which have actually been proven as a cure.



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Total crap.  Reads like a troll.   Any surgeon who claims 100% +/- 20% cure is disingenuous and dangerous. Any surgeon who is “the only one’ to offer a procedure to treat a condition should be held in the highest suspicion.  If you are for real (doubt) then it’s far more likely your relief was from anesthesia medications than a scalpel.  Happy you are pain free but don'r credit a charlatan for your relief.   Experience with this particular duck is well documented in this and other forums and it’s not positive.  To those who are new to this site please do not get victimized by this BS.  You are vulnerable because of this horrible condition don’t become a victim.

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3 hours ago, Pebblesthecorgi said:

To those who are new to this site please do not get victimized by this BS.

Agreed. This thread can drift away.

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