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Wisdom tooth removal

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Hey guys, 

so I can’t sleep cause I have so many things to worry about. But I figured that you guys could maybe help me with one thing. I am going to am going to have surgery to take my wisdom teeth out, and I am pretty scared that the surgery will trigger my headaches again. Has any body have any experience with this? Any recommendations? I have had dental work done before and it has never triggered my headaches not even when one dumbass dentist hit my trigeminal nerve while sedating me. 

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Have the dentist give you medication with NO epinephrine in it!!! That is what will kick off your head. He might balk, but let him know what it can do to you!! My dentist fights me on it, so I only go when out of cycle and take Starbucks with me to drink at the first sign of a hit.


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Hey @Luis

i had mine removed in October. I told my surgeon about my concerns with my headaches. He gave me a local anesthetic and a muscle relaxer. I was never put all the way under. It was great. It took 30 minutes and I wasn’t loopy at all when I came out. 

Best of luck 


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