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mark m

my experience with Emgality

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Back in February of this year my neurologists decided to try me on emgality at 300 mg each month for 3 months. The first month I took the medication I had zero migraines at first then as the weeks went by I started getting cluster headaches totally off season for me since my cluster headaches are every three years for approximately 18 weeks and I had them last year.  The clusters brought on by this drug were not normal for me in other ways too. My normal clusters hit hard level 10 last about an hour without medication (imitrex) and I get them multiple times over the course of each day and night. yet the ones caused by the emgality were approximately 2 per day (24 hours) and rarely passed a 5 on the pain scale.  after the first time I took it the second month not realizing it was in fact the drug due to me having a root canal done in the first month. The second month the clusters got worse right after taking the second dose and I noticed other side effects such as eye strain, joint pain all over and some stomach issues. as the month progressed I noticed the clusters got less intense and then I took the third dose and it got worse again only this time my migraines were normal as before I tried this medication so now instead of helping at all it just made life worse for me. So in closing I would not recommend this drug. Hope this helps someone, Mark

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