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Has anyone tried emgality?

Fuck Cluster's

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...try the search function here and ch.com for emgality et al...mixed bag but worth a try ...especially if covered by ins or coupons...

...there are whole sections on mooshies...check the new members banner above and member only forums...

....the "price" I paid sclepping O2  to work (e tank/cart) for 25 yrs, when in cycle, was the best investment I ever made...saved sanity, perhaps life, and enabled a job and career. When traveling arranged for delivery at destination multiple states/locations. Fortunate that it worked 70-95 percent of time greatly aided by caffeine/energy drinks ....100 percent with Zomig NS as abort of last resort.

.... extremely important to have proper non rebreather mask, enuff flow (15-25 lpm recommended.... but really individual) and proper technique (also highly individual dependent and based on trial and error)

...have you considered the D3 regimen?



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I did the Emgality thing for 4 months. 1st try was only 200mg and it cut my clusters just about in half that month. The next month dose was the full 300mg and it had no change on my monthly cluster count. same for the 3rd month. the 4th month of Emgality about 2 hours after my 3 shots to the stomach I started getting hit with a nice bout of clusters that lasted a few days. so I never went back to it. I am not saying it does not work, it just did not work out well for me. After that first dose I thought I was in good shape but like most other things I have tried in the past.. I am still here looking for solutions with the rest of us all.

If you can get it I would say give it a try. Here is a link for the savings card. 


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My doctor just prescribed me with Emgality, hoping it works or I'll be growing plants from my living room :)

After doing some searching on these boards, I figured I would give vitamin D3 regime a shot. So far so good, no CH's reported in the last 20 hours.

Has anyone actually tried mushrooms before? I remember doing it once for kicks and I didn't get any CH's that year. 

Thank you all for the knowledge and hope you all feel better!

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This site was built off the idea of taking the alternative medications. You will want to look at pages in the members only portion of the site for all the information you might need on how, when and why. read up for a few days and ask a lot of questions. I am sure someone here will be more then happy to help you bring your clusters under control. Starting the D3 is a great start. you will want to read up on oxygen to use as an abortive. Energy drinks, ice, drinking cold water with a straw, and hot foot bath are some other things people use to help bring intensity down. You will learn more from this site then you will at most doctor offices. 

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I had finished transitioning from episodic to chronic a few months before Emgality came out.  Like EVERYTHING ELSE, it seems this "cure" works for some, and not for others, and like everything else (except oxygen for me), it's efficacy ebbs and flows.  I have been on it for 11 months.  It took a couple of months for Emgality to really take hold and then for about 6 months it was bliss, I could even have a couple of adult beverages, with just the occasional minor twinge in the last couple of days before re-dosing.  Then, for a couple of months, I needed to be very careful with adult beverages, which is fine if its the only problem.  But in the past 10 days, I have had 3 random headaches mid-day, but fortunately short ones with far less than "grand mal" pain levels.   And way better than 20 headaches a month, which was what was happening before I went on Emgality.  Hopefully this is just a temporary "ebbing", and it will return to "flowing" in a month or two.  

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