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Greetings all. So glad I found this site. A bit about myself - I initially at first got cluster headaches (5 years ago) only from drinking a certain kind of beer as well as wine. Then that virtually progressed into most alcohol that was grain-based, so rum ad tequila became the only things I could consume with no problem. It seemed originally that I got the headaches from booze and during the summer-months (oh, I'm living and working in China, btw, which can get pretty hot summers). Then one time I had some soup which had river muscles, and I thought maybe that gave me the headache which occurred. Now, being sober for nearly a month, I got a cluster headache at night. A few days later, I got another one, but in the afternoon. Then just last night, a very bad one. Most recently from these bouts, I have had lingering pain afterward, as well as some slighting high-pitched ringing/buzzing in my head (feels like it's coming from the center of my head). I am going to see a doctor here again to see if they can prescribe me something that can ease everything, which will require an MRI and blood test here.

For the record - whenever I get these headaches, I get the eye pain, watery eyes, red eyes, dripping nose, agitation/restlessness, and sometimes I get nausea and vomiting due to the pain.

Anyway, looking forward to reading about what y'all  have written regarding your experiences and possible ways to combat this hellish demon

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