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Looking for clusterheads who also surf?

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I know it's a weird request, but I thought it was worth a shot.

I am in the diagnostic process, and trying to compare the feeling of my headache to a specific type of sensation you usually get while surfing. It's a bitch of a headache you get when you wipeout REALLY hard and slap the water hard on one side. Pain radiates out from your ear and your nose and eye just gushes for a while. 

If you are a surfer, I'm sure you have shared this experience too. My question is, is this also what your cluster headaches fee like?

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Mechanism of the wipeout seems like you may be causing trauma to the trigeminal nerve area, plus the water up the nose at impact speeds could hit the ganglia up there, it sounds similar to a cluster and thinking about it, back when I was young, waterskiing I had wipeouts that caused similar. Just never quite as intense as my clusters, after an injury or impact the pain tends to fade downwards from its split-several second peak, clusters tend to peak and stay for the duration. 

So short answer, it sounds similar to a cluster. Mine tend to feel like a spike through my temple, back of eye and out my eyebrow area with the tears and nose running/stuffed.

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