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Glimmer of Hope

Jimmy Martinez

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Hi Friends, I didn't think I would be back here after going almost 2 years without an attack but in the last few weeks, I got hit. It must be either stress or the hot weather or a combination of both. I'd be curious to hear what other people think causes their attacks.

I have a very renowned headache specialist doctor and I asked him if he ever head of anyone "beating CH for good" and this was his response:

Unfortunately, I don’t know anyone who has “beat” cluster headache. I know a lot of patients in whom it went away and never came back and in whom it got milder over time.  To answer one of your prior questions. Fortunately, we have some pretty good medications to control the attacks and reduce frequency.

If this is old news to many of you I apologize. When he told me this it gave me some hope and I hope it gives you some too.

As I tell my wife, I would give every penny I have, every possession I own, to have this dreadful condition disappear forever. 

Wishing you all zero pain and deep restful night's sleep forever.

Praying for us all,

Jimmy M.  

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Lets redo the calendar to eliminate the Equinoxes!!! :lol: That is my 'start cycle' date. 

Sorry that you are getting hit again Jimmy!! May you return to PF status 'Toot Sweet' as Jeebs used to say! 

PFDAN to you too friend! Stay in touch. :)  

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