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Hey everyone 

my allergies have been off the charts lately. It’s usually just when I wake up in the morning. My throat is itchy, my eye pain is bad and I have pain in my upper teeth. My eyes are itching so bad I feel like I could scratch them out. (The pressure is tighter on the side I get headaches). My neurologist said this can be seen with allergies because the maxillary sinuses are very large. I’ve never heard of that before so I was intrigued. Would Zyrtec work the same as Benadryl to take throughout the day? I am hesitant about Benadryl because I am a bartender and I only go to work in the evenings. I don’t want to get sleepy. Does non drowsy Benadryl work the same? I am hoping Batch will weigh in here. He seems to have all the answers regarding vitamins and Benadryl. 



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Benadryl is a first line allergy treatment that has been around for decades. It alone crosses the blood/brain barrier. That is why it makes you sleepy. And why it helps with CH. 

Zyrtec will help with allergies. Not so much with clusters. So, how about take Zyrtec for your up/work time and then just take the benadryl at night? Many only take it when they go to bed and get good relief that way. So, your bedtime would be the ideal time to take it. 

I take Singulair for allergies in the morning and benadryl for my head at bedtime. 

Allergies can make your sinuses swell with yuck and cause pain in your teeth. So can a sinus infection. Many CHer's have had teeth pulled from the pain  and wound up without one or two teeth and still have the pain. The Trigeminal Nerve feeds your entire face nerve wise. And the front quadrant of your head on that side too. The pain is from the nerve, not the teeth unfortunately. So, pulling teeth does not end the pain. Nor does sinus surgery that many of us have already gone through before arriving here. 

If you have an infection, antibiotics will help with reduce the pain of swollen sinuses due to an infection. They swell up, push on the nerve and now you hurt. As you most likely know, allergies gunk runs clear or perhaps milky white. Infection makes it turn yellow or green. So, you might want to keep an eye on that. 


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