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Vitamin B complex

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Hey all ,

I was wondering if anyone had an opinion on me adding a vitamin B complex with vitamin C into my D3 regimen. Does anyone know of vitamin B interfering with any of the other supplements we take on the regimen? I am also on 240 mg verapamil daily. My dermatologist recommended it for my skin but I don’t want to take it if anyone has had negative experiences with it. 

Thank you 


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Taking the B will not work against you from my understanding. You should be fine taking it. If I am recalling correctly, Batch recommended it at one point. Perhaps he still does. 

One small caveat: B12 can make your tongue peel. Only for some people, but that is why B12 is often given in shot form.

Your tongue peeling is not pleasant. It will recover pretty quickly and causes no lasting damage that I am aware of at this time. So, if that does happen, you will know why. ;)

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On 6/25/2020 at 12:07 PM, dehabel said:

Batch told me to take Vitamin C with the D3 regimen. 

For treating your CH or as a defense (in his view) against coronavirus?  He was big on the latter, so just checking.

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