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Wanted to give an update on my experience with Emgality. My insurance fully covered the prescription. I took the three 100 mg injections (300 mg) about 3 weeks ago. 

The good: I experienced no site injection reaction. I had been experiencing 2-4 attacks per day.  Within 12 hours, I began having very faint head pain around my normal times that lasted 30 minutes or so and was very tolerable. Around once a day I feel a faint headache. For me, Emgality works and has almost totally eliminated the pain. 

The bad: on about day 3 my left arm had pretty strong nerve pain the radiated from my left shoulder blade to my fingertips. My stomach has been upset a lot and digestion seems affected. Nausea and fatigue for several days but not really strong nausea. By week 2 these symptoms faded a bit and I’ve had some sciatic nerve pain. 

All in all, I‘m experiencing quite a few side effects. For me, the side effects aren’t as bad as the beast.  Since I’m episodic, I figure if I use Emgality 1 week into my cycle it might eliminate most of my worst attacks.  I can still go to work (commercial/industrial electrician) with these side effects if I take it a little easy.  The side effects are more than I expected, though it’s possible not all of them are from Emgality. 

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@EggMan thanks for posting! I’m glad it’s working for you. When it comes to side effects, anything seems better than clusters. I am still unsure if I am episodic or chronic, so I don’t want to take the emgality and make things worse for myself. Sounds like you have a good plan in place. I’m happy there is potential for relief from episodic clusters with this medication. Onwards and upwards :)



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