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2011 Clusterbuster Conference


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I wanted to pass along some preliminary information so people can start planning.

The 2011 Clusterbuster Conference will take place in Chicago over the September 16-18 weekend.

The hotel information should be available soon. Doug and the committee are going over the results of the survey and are putting together an outstanding program.

Hope to see everyone there

More to follow. Watch this space  :)


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We hope we gonna make it. Economy has been not as expected this year,  and i had lawyer to pay as well. Gonna try save enough. It`s crazy, this country produces allot of electricity. We export almost everything and we got to pay around 300$ and more for one month of reg use of electricity, in a flat that`s less than 100 sqm. This is in the warmer part of the country. Crazy. And now the prices aren't high yet, it gonna go up with about 30% during winter. Gonna be hard to save money, but gonna make a budget, including CBC in it :)

(BTW, have no clue about electricity prices in other parts of the world... Maybe this isn`t high in comparison)

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Man I would love to see you all there, however I have the hots for Oprah and would be arrested for stalking.

Have to see how it goes. If she gives us that Ch interview I've been bugging her for, I'll be there. ;D ;D

the bb

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