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Does anyone have a strong support group for Cluster Headaches? 


I've been trying to see if people are willing to start some type of support group.  Maybe via zoom, or Skype call.  I know that people that suffer from cluster headaches fall into isolation and it's hard to find other C/H patients.  I would like to try and start a weekly zoom call if enough people are willing and discuss things like.  

  1. Treatments
  2. Dealing with pain
  3. Depression
  4. Anxiety
  5. Loss of job
  6. Disability
  7. Dealing with family and friends
  8. Anything related to Cluster Headaches 

Does anyone know of a call existing already? 


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I am kind of lost Hosie. You made two posts about setting up a conference call for CHers, yet you are brand new and are not familiar with this site yet. Since they are duplicates, I will delete one for you.

No, I do not know of a 'call group' in existence at this time. This is a 'support' group! Our function is to help people with CH and related headaches. 

Do you have CH? ECH or CCH? What do you take for it? 

It seems odd to join a group and immediately say that you 'want to start some type of support group'. 

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Sign me up! do you want my social security number and mothers maiden or will the name of my first dog due? 

I am sorry, that is not nice but this does seem a little shady to come out of the gate requesting zoom or other video platforms that are easy to exploit. Poke around and tell us a little about yourself 

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I do remember some pain related "support groups" from the nineties that had an attendance fee and if you participated them feeling depressed you were most likely suicidal when the group session ended. Then Internet happened and these people vanished.

I echo others, introduce yourself, get started about 1. Treatments and you will forget the rest :)

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